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Conference Background

Out of the urging national instances nowadays, which is witnessing the emergence of new strategies for economic and social development as well as reinforcing governmental performance; the conventional boundaries between academic, private and public sectors have started to fade, at a time when the formation and establishing of partnerships between these pillars is one of the most viable mechanism for attaining development.

Stemming from Polytechnic Palestine belief in the importance of reinforcing this partnership, which goes in line with its strategic plan to assume a larger role in serving Palestinian society and economy; The University, in partnership with the Ministry of National Economy as a representative of the government as well as the Palestinian Businessmen Association as a representative of the Coordination Council of the Private Sector, funded by USAID; PPU held the first partnership conference amongst Governmental, Industrial and Academic sectors (AGIP) in May 2010.

This conference; (AGIP 2012) through the partnership with the British Council, is a continuation and integration of partnerships established through the past two years. Where a number of success stories will be celebrated and lessons learned will be demonstrated throughout the conference. In addition, new visions and opportunities will be discussed and formulated.