The Scientific Day in Entrepreneurship and Business Best Practices shall be hosted at College of Administrative Sciences and Informatics - Palestine Polytechnic University – Hebron, to bring together researchers and practitioners interested in strengthening the scientific foundations in Entrepreneurship and Business Best Practices.


We invite interested researchers and practitioners, to submit proposals for panels, presentations, and cases of business best practices. Panel sessions will discuss the emerging entrepreneurship and business best practices issues as well as new ideas in this domain. Panels should inform or challenge the business community, bringing together experts in 90 minutes long. Where presentations and cases will be 20 minutes duration, including Q&A.


The main aims of the scientific day:

  • Reinforce the network between business schools, research committees and labor market.

  • Reduce the gap between practical implementation and theories regarding Entrepreneurship and Business Best Practices.

  • Shed the light on Entrepreneurship in Palestine and the main related challenges they face.


The scientific meeting will be organized in two main tracks:

  • Entrepreneurship

  • Business Best Practices