Initiatives are needed to strengthen international co-operation in order to mobilize investments in energy and environmental management for sustainable development. Being a technological University with diversity of technical and science disciplines, the Palestine Polytechnic University (PPU) is initiating and organizing the 3rd international conference on Energy and Environmental Protection in Sustainable development that is going to address several relevant issues by local, regional and international experts and scientists.

The 3rd international conference, which is going to be organized in cooperation with national and international institutions, would represent an opportunity for  experts and scientists in addition to national decision makers to interact aiming at enhancing the United Nations initiative “Water and Sanitation, Energy, Health, Agricultural and Biodiversity (WEHAB)”. Furthermore it comes as a response to Kyoto Protocol concerning climate change.  

The University considers this conference an important event as it is in tune with the University mission in serving the local and regional community. The University, through its available resources, is committed to make this conference successful in achieving its stated goals.
The conference is expected to commence over two days with participants from local and international institutions in addition to invited international keynote speaker.