Prof.Dr. Haitham.abu-rub

Haitham Abu-Rub is a full professor holding two PhDs. Since 2006, Dr. Abu-Rub has been associated with Texas A&M University at Qatar, where he is currently the chair of Electrical and Computer Engineering program and the Managing director of the Smart Grid Center – Extension in Qatar. He has experience in teaching and doing research in many universities at different countries, eg. Palestine, Germany, USA, Poland, UK and Qatar.

His main research interests are energy conversion systems, electric drives, power electronic converters, renewable energy and smart grid.

Dr. Abu-Rub is the recipient of many prestigious international awards, such as the American Fulbright Scholarship, the German Alexander von Humboldt Fellowship, the German DAAD Scholarship, and the British Royal Society Scholarship. He has co-authored more than 250 journal and conference papers and five books, four of them with Wiley.

Currently he is leading many potential projects on photovoltaic and hybrid renewable power generation systems with different types of converters.


 Presentation title :keynote speech on Smart Grid and New Energy Paradigm.


The smart grid has been called “electricity with a brain”, the “energy Internet” and the “Electronet”.  Basically, the smart grid integrates electricity and information and communication infrastructures to produce electricity more efficiently and reliably, as well as cleanly and safely for the environment. The smart grid is the new energy paradigm that is characterized by a bidirectional flow of electricity and information. Integration of renewable energy resources and energy storage into the smart grid involve many aspects, such as: efficiency, reliability and energy conversion cost, forecasting of energy production capability, safe connection to the electric grid and/or capability to control microgrids, efficient energy storage with low environmental impact, development of advanced control and monitoring algorithms, and networking of the sources/consumers.The talk will focus on the vision of creating new energy paradigm based on the smart grid principle. Enabling technologies, current status and the future Smart Energy System prospective will be discussed.