Prof.Dr.Safeyuldeen Metwalley 

Researcher Professor in the field of applied geophysics at Applied Geophysics Department -Desert Research Institute Egypt from 2009 until now , also he work as Projects &Region advisor of Western Michigan University .U.S.A from 2008to 2009,he also work at EL Menyia University G.I.S as a Visitor professor, from 2006 to 2008. Also work as an Expert and advisor on The Ministry of Social Cooperation ,Egypt from 2005 to 2006 , his first working experience is G.I.S. Expert and advisor on The Ministry of Communications and Information Technology ,Egypt from 2004 to 2005.

Prof.Dr.Safeyuldeen Metwalley received a Post-Doctoral degree in the field Remote Sensing and G.I.S from Western Michigan University .U.S.A in 2007.

A Ph.D. & M.SC in the field of Applied Geophysics degree from the Institute of Zagazig university & The Academy of Scientific Research and Technology of Egypt from 1991 to 1997. B.Sc degrees from Zagazig university in 1986.

Professor Metwalley  is actively involved in researching, and lecturing in Geophysics and G.I.S. He has published 26 journal researches & books and more than 20 conferences technical papers i & more than 20 research project . He also has trained more than 10 training courses in the following areas: Climate changes, monitoring and evaluations, using the Very High Resolution Satellites TRRM, SSMI,(MOADIES&SEAWIFS) Development of a Web-based G.I.S Data sets for Natural resources exploration in arid lands, Remote sensing Data Extraction (RESDEM)Soil and Water Analysis Tools (SWAT(,Environmental remote sensing course (GEO227),Gravitational satellite data (Grace), Petro facies Evaluation of Formations for Engineering Reservoirs Well Logging , Desertification, monitoring and evaluations Modules and strategy, Geographical information systems thematic data Processing applied to hydrogeology on arid area , Remote sensing Training Course . Professor Metwalley  supervised on More than 10 thesis.